You could plan a party by yourself, but think how much better it would be if you had a little help. That’s how you should think of our Furry Scurry Toolkit! We’ve put together resources to make your Furry Scurry experience the best it can be. Looking for a Furry Scurry logo? We’ve got you covered. How about a Facebook picture frame to show your spirit to your social media world? Yup, we’ve got that, too. We even have templates for thank you emails and fundraising requests. We gathered everything (well, we hope) you need to make this year’s Furry Scurry an easy-peasy tail-wagging good time!

Our Furry Scurry Toolkit includes the most commonly requested resources along with a few things we think will help you along the Furry Scurry journey. 

You can also reach out to our team anytime at furryscurry@ddfl.org with specific questions or to share your creative ideas!

Annnnd, remember

  • Update your donors on your progress. After all, they’re a part of your success and will be excited to hear how it’s going! A note goes a long way to show appreciation!
  • Keep going … even after you hit your Furry Scurry fundraising goal. The animals in our care need you!
  • Tips to raise $200 in just one week! We provide you with one easy step to take each day to reach your goal.
  • Off-line donation form
  • Off-line pledge form



Furry Scurry (PNG)

Color | Grayscale

Furry Scurry (JPG)

Color | Grayscale



R=113 G=68 B=146
Hex code #714492
Pantone 2077
C-67 M-87 Y-6 K-0


R=240 G=175 B=13
Hex code #f0af0d
Pantone 7409 C
C-5 M-33 Y-100 K-0


R=0 G=154 B=173
Hex code #009aad
Pantone 7711
C-80 M-21 Y-29 K-0


R=183 G=35 B=132
Hex code #cc0099
Pantone 241 C
C-20 M-97 Y-0 K-0

Social Media

Ways to interact through social media:

  • Join our Facebook page and connect with fellow Scurriers, ask questions, share tips and even show off your training routine with your pet.
  • Share photos of your pre-walk routine and then during your walk on your Instagram page.
  • Remember to use our hashtag #furryscurry2022, so we can see what our amazing community is doing.

Facebook Covers

Facebook Transparencies

Twitter Headers

Twitter Posts

Email Templates

Suggested Fundraising Email

A note from <Insert your dog’s name>,

Fetch this! My human, <Insert your name>, and I are walking in the Dumb Friends League Furry Scurry.

I’ve taken <Insert name> on lots of walks to get ready, and sometimes I just stop and realize how lucky I am to have a place to call home and a human to love me. I want all of the pets and horses at the League to find new families, too, just like I did!

When you donate to our Furry Scurry page, you’ll be helping all my buddies at the shelter find new people, and I don’t think there’s anything better than that!

Love and tail wags,

<Insert your dog’s name>

Suggested Thank You Email

A BIG thank you from <Insert your dog’s name>,

Your donation to the Furry Scurry makes a life-changing difference for the homeless pets and horses at the Dumb Friends League until they can make a house a home.

On behalf of all the animals who found their new families, and those who are looking for the right match, thank you. You make tail wags happen!

Thanks so much,

<Insert your dog’s name>