LOST Coffee

At LostCoffee, our mission is to “inspire the world though our craft, our care, and our conscience.”

Our mission to inspire the world starts with the farmers and importers we partner with every month. We, along with our importers, pay premiums to ensure our money is funneled from your cup back to the farmer. This extends beyond the farmer to the people who are often neglected who work at the sorting tables and washing stations.

Your purchases at LostCoffee also contribute to programs that help provide women better wages as well as help us buy coffee exclusively from women-owned farms. You also help us provide higher wages and higher-quality coffees which improve agricultural care and ecological resources. This means your batch brew, pour over, or latte is linked in a chain across the world that directly improves the lives of individuals in countries where it is needed most.

We believe with your help we can make a difference through the purchase of our coffees.