Nutmeg the Great, Nutmeg the Brave, Nutmeg the Sweet


Nutmeg isn't your average cat.

The sweet and gentle 2-year-old feline won over many hearts during her stay at the Dumb Friends League, largely because of her charm, adaptability, and tenacity of spirit.

Nutmeg (who went by Peggy during her stay at our shelter) came to the League with a congenital disability, resulting in stumps rather than toes on her hind legs. Luckily, the condition was manageable, and Nutmeg wasn't in pain. Still, the kitty with big eyes and special needs would need continued medication and specific accommodations (such as soft litter) in her new home. Finding just the right match for Nutmeg would not be without its challenges. 

But, as they say, the best things come to those who wait. After three months at the League, Leigh walked into Nutmeg’s life and soon fell in love. "While I hesitated about her congenital [disability], all my concerns left when we met, and she started snuggling and asking for belly rubs," said Leigh. "I knew I had the right home to give her the care and love she needs."

Nutmeg bid a fond farewell to her League admirers with a new feline sister by her side; Leigh adopted another amazing cat, Trebel, the same day. Leigh reports that Nutmeg often "demands snuggles" and is growing closer to her four-legged sister by the day.

The love that Nutmeg received from her caretakers at the League was just the beginning of her inspiring story. Now in her forever home, she can fully become the playful, spunky cat she was always meant to be.

Nutmeg and Trebel are thriving because of compassionate donors like you. Thank you for your support of the Dumb Friends League and the 2022 Furry Scurry!