Nipsey to the rescue!


The Moshers weren't looking for a dog when they first met Nipsey, a 1-year-old coonhound/pit bull mix, in October.

It was Halloween weekend, and the superhero pup was dressed appropriately for the occasion in his best bright red cape. His role that night? To assist Trina – the Community Liaison at the Dumb Friends League San Luis Valley Animal Center – with spreading joy to trick-or-treaters in downtown Alamosa. As he helped Trina hand out candy, Nipsey had a bigger treat in mind for himself: a new home.

Dewayne Mosher knew Nipsey was special when he saw the dog interacting with children. "He was having a ball!" Dewayne recalled. Before he knew it, Dewayne envisioned Nipsey with his own two kids, ages 4 and 7. The Mosher family had recently lost one of their dogs, and their senior dog was showing signs of loneliness. Nipsey could be the perfect companion for everyone, Dewayne thought.

Shortly after meeting the rescue pup, the Moshers knew Nipsey's days would forever be spent frolicking on their nine acres in the beautiful San Luis Valley. During a gleeful meet and greet with the family's other dog, there was no turning back. Nipsey was going home! 

"That dog is the best thing in the world for those kids," Dewayne shared just weeks after the adoption. Nipsey's infectious puppy love was exactly what everyone in the Mosher family needed – children, dogs, and parents alike.

Every dollar you raise for this year’s Furry Scurry helps animals like Nipsey find their happily ever after. Thank you for giving so generously to the Dumb Friends League!