Happy Tales

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From meek to mighty: Cricket’s journey to good health

At intake, Cricket weighed three pounds. In the following days, his caretakers at the League noticed he wasn't eating – so much so that he dropped nearly half a pound in one week. The increasingly frail kitten would need to be syringe-fed every eight hours to ensure weight gain and proper nutrition. A dedicated League staff member took Cricket home on the weekends for some extra TLC.

After just one day in a quiet home environment, Cricket began eating on his own again. He thrived on one-on-one attention and a comfortable routine. Soon enough, he was back on track and...

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Globe trotter Benji trains for the 2022 Furry Scurry

Much to his adopters' surprise, he jumped straight into their 1969 lifted International Scout truck – quite the feat for most four-legged friends, let alone a small guy like Benji! That's when his adopters knew – Benji was ready to take on the world.

During his two-month stay at the League, Benji longed for a life filled with activities to satisfy his curious nature. Today, he's living the dream. He and his family regularly...

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Nipsey to the rescue!

Dewayne Mosher knew Nipsey was special when he saw the dog interacting with children. "He was having a ball!" Dewayne recalled. Before he knew it, Dewayne envisioned Nipsey with his own two kids, ages 4 and 7. The Mosher family had recently lost one of their dogs, and their senior dog was showing signs of loneliness. Nipsey could be the perfect companion for everyone, Dewayne thought.

Shortly after meeting the rescue pup, the Moshers knew...

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Nutmeg the Great, Nutmeg the Brave, Nutmeg the Sweet

Nutmeg (who went by Peggy during her stay at our shelter) came to the League with a congenital disability, resulting in stumps rather than toes on her hind legs. Luckily, the condition was manageable, and Nutmeg wasn't in pain. Still, the kitty with big eyes and special needs would need continued medication and specific accommodations (such as soft litter) in her new home. Finding just the right match for Nutmeg would not be without its challenges. 

But, as they say, the best things come to those who wait....