We’ve got spirit, yes we do. We’ve got spirit, how about you? 

Of course, you doA Furry Scurry team is made up of at least five people who are working together toward a fundraising goal. The more people on your team, the more you can help the animals in our care! Plus, since the Furry Scurry is virtual, you can make a team with friends and family no matter where they live! 

Fundraising prizes are based on an individual team member’s total and not the total of the team, but teams will receive a special team-only incentive and compete to earn additional awards

That’s right, compete with other teams for the following coveted (yes, coveted!awards: 

Top Dog Team

Presented to the team who raises the most money.

Largest Canine Crew

Presented to the team who is, well, the largest!

Spirit Award

Presented to the team who has the most Furry Scurry spirit—think hats, shirts, costumes! Anything goes!

Get Involved

Text your friends, call your family, email your co-workers and get ready to celebrate the pets and people you love! 

Team Perk


When you have five or more members on your team you'll receive this Furry Scurry picture frame.

Thank you for your support