Fundraising Tips and Tricks

When it comes to asking for donations, it can be daunting. We get it.

When it comes to asking friends, family, co-workers, or just about anyone for donations, it can be daunting. We get it. Maybe you’re uncomfortable because money is involved, or perhaps it’s a case of simply not knowing how to make the request. The good news is that your network already cares about you, and it’s easier than you think to get them to support your cause, the Dumb Friends League Furry Scurry!

There are tons of ways to create awareness and increase support from your network. Here are a few of our favorite tips to pass along, whether you’re new to fundraising or need some more tricks up your sleeve.

Ask, and you shall receive

  • Leave your inhibitions at the door. Start by asking those closest to you to donate. Call, text, or email friends and family and even ask how you can tweak your approach to your request.
  • Get personal. Personalize each ask by sending individual requests or group people together—co-workers, friends, family, runners—and craft a message that speaks to them.
  • Share your story. Let others know why you love the Dumb Friends League. Tell them about your pet and how you rescued them or if they rescued you.
  • Encourage more than one donation. Ask donors to consider giving monthly donations leading up to the Furry Scurry.
  • Make every cent count. Let people know that any size donation helps— even raiding the jar of change we know everyone has!
  • Show impact. Let your network see the impact their contributions make. For example, a $20 donation provides two behavior consults to a dog or a cat so their manners improve, a $35 donation provides a clean, warm, safe bed for the night to a pet at the League, and a $50 donation will microchip an animal so if they get lost, they can be returned to their home and family.
photo of woman working with Dumb Friends League holding a cute adopted puppy dog

Think outside of the ask

  • Walk this way. In exchange for dog walks, ask neighbors to donate to your Furry Scurry fundraising page in honor of their pup.
  • Challenge your friends. Why not start a friendly competition between your friends? Challenge them to donate an amount equal to the number of years you’ve been participating in the Furry Scurry! How about the years you’ve known each other? You could even make a donation in honor of your upcoming birthday — you decide human or dog years!
  • Discard clutter and spark joy — or, in this case, donations. Sell your dog’s unused toys and your gently used objects and be sure everyone knows that proceeds will go toward your Furry Scurry fundraising goal.
  • Let’s play! Host a virtual game night… cards, board, or otherwise and let winners know a percentage of their winnings (or all!) will be donated to your fundraising goal.
  • Learn and earn. Ask parents and friends to pledge for tests and report cards. Make the grade, get the donation!

Annnnd, remember

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